The primary mission of World Group is to open doors for the best International education to the children and youth by linking itself to the best European and American schools & benefiting our students with the latest developments in the field of education in the most economic value possible. To produce a creep of community leaders, being good human beings and responsive to their social & national obligations.


No Fee enhancement during the total stay of child at Montessori World.
Centrally located and specially renovated buildings.
Equipped with sophisticated Montessori equipment.
Supported by highly qualified and Montessori trained Directresses.
Assisted by audio-visual aids.
Motherly care.
Regular medical checkup by child specialist.
Covered playground for children.
Regular field trips.
Completely Computerized.
Reliable transport.
Managed by a group of renowned educationalists.
Backed by highly reputed school preparing students for Matric and "O" level.


The motive behind these centers is to promote highest degree of education among young children and lay down a strong base for future in all aspects of life viz, education, discipline, character, manner and behavior etc.


As described earlier the method of education is based on the principles of Dr.Maria Montessori i.e. Learn by experience and Learn by work. For us every child is an individual and we train him / her according to his / her abilities and level of performance.

After passing 2 to 3 (three) years at "Montessori World" the child is ready for admission in class one in any standard school including "The Educational World" a sister concern of "Montessori World", preparing student for Matric and "O" Level.

A detailed guideline describing the details of topics covered by us during the stay of child in "Montessori World" is provided to parents at the time of admission.


No particular dress is prescribed for Montessori children to create a homely atmosphere but parents are requested to ensure that kids are smartly and neatly dressed.


At Montessori Centre, the evaluation of children is a continuing process and Directress evaluates the children regularly and maintains their progress record.

However detailed progress report is presented to parents at the end of each semester during the meeting with parents.