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The primary mission of World Group is to open doors for the best International education to the children and youth by linking itself to the best European and American schools & benefiting our students with the latest developments in the field of education in the most economic value possible. To produce a creep of community leaders, being good human beings and responsive to their social & national obligations.


"We play with our children. But as psychologist Jean Piaget notes, “Play is the work of childhood.” Mr. Rogers elaborated: “Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning.” I’ve been in love with Montessori World for over 4 years now. Yet staff of Ms. Ghazala North campus is mind blowing and can never by grow old or become outdated. Whether you’re a parent or grandparent you’ll find inspiration and guidance in these great efforts by Montessori World and even Educational World. Love u guys. Syed Shoeb Hyder, Ghazala, Ghazal, Samreen Haroon"

Arminah Riz

"Yes exactly...although my son Izyaan is very hard nut to Crack but I also notice that he shows much much improvement in reading, coloring and manners...thanks to ma'am Farhat, ma'am Huma and ma'am Ghazala"

Dr. Samiya

"MASHAALLAH every child learng alot from these type of activities. thanks all teachers for the different n great effort with all the child... It's not easy to recognize n understand the child's mind,every child has a different mind, different behaviour, different mood... As I m also a Montessori directress i,'ve don this course... so I know it's so difficult to teach, learn n understand the child's mind. If teacher doing any activity n the child is not give any response or doesn't take any interest or do not desire to do that typ of activity,so how to make the environment for the child that he gives the positive response or take interest on it.. really so difficult n you all are manage all the child really really hts off to all .... Thanks againz for all the teachers❤❤❤".

Mrs. Sajjad